Storytelling: The Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Dominic Banguis
4 min readFeb 9, 2021

Advertisements are everywhere. The commercials of famous brands become successful because they tell a story. An ancient proverb says, “Those who tell the stories rule the world”.

Technology and Innovation make it easier for us to see the different types of marketing.

The traditional media includes television, radio, newspapers, and other types of print ads.

Now, it becomes automated and digitally-driven.

Surfing the internet rewards us with convenience in searching for information.

Digital Marketing using Google, social media channels, podcasts are available out there.

But how will you be able to connect to your target audience?

How can you have that brand recall?

The most powerful message in connecting with the audience is to craft a message that sticks and triggers emotions.

How will you connect? Are you trying to create excitement, happiness, or passion?

Create a story that will build trust and sharing.

Why storytelling should be the marketer’s secret weapon?

According to HubSpot, “storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate something to your audience.”

Make it meaningful to add the information you want to introduce to your audience or potential customers with storytelling marketing.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to craft and develop the perfect storytelling in marketing:

1. Storytelling has the power to connect.

Focus on the solution that your product or service provides.

Instead of listing the benefits and information, share the people’s experience.

Wrap your message into a story. Brand Storytelling in marketing is a very powerful tool. When you provide the solution more than features, statistics, and facts, they will take the action that you suggest.

2. Stories that retains in memory.

Create a memorable message that is unique to distinguish you from your competitors. Create stories as they relate to a real experience that resonates with them. Infuse a human element into the content and add an unexpected twist. Storytelling marketing is when you connect the story of the brand to our own experience.

This will make your audience remember you as a brand whenever they need your products or services.

3. Stories build communities.

Connect with the audience despite the individual differences.

Base the story on the belief system of your audience. A story about the product of an energy drink will fit the lifestyle category of adventure, sports, fast driving, fitness, swimming, and other activities related to this type of customer. Share a different experience with every piece of content. Turn the story into a strategy where the target audience would have a connection to the characters. Create a relationship where you build trust. A customer who will become loyal and advocates for years to come.

4. Good storytelling is not “salesy” and can happen anywhere.

Share an experience and do not convince them to buy the product. Leave the decision to them. Focus on the content and not on the advertising. A big-budget for an advertisement might make the message reach a further audience. But if you focus on a content story, it will ignite feelings even when it’s just words on a piece of paper or a screen. They would also share that story with their friends and family.

5. Make a story relevant and respectful

In the world of digital advertisement, it can appear in an aggressive form. This happens on a website with pop-up ads, banner ads, youtube ads, and similar. Be respectful and do not bombard the audience with these ads. Make it a part of a story where the audience would find it relevant and respectful. This will make the consumer feel more receptive and open to the product.

Marketers must consider that for a brand to tell a story, they must create a strategy of incorporating the brand into their everyday life.

Storytelling is the Marketers Weapon

Brand storytelling is the present and future of marketing.

Storytelling works. It always works and it always will. Storytelling is different for every business and organization.

Create stories that are powerful enough to help your brand connect with your audience and to give your company a new way to present itself to prospective clients and customers.

Be transparent, establish an emotional connection and make stories that resonate. Keep on researching and brainstorming and update yourself with the current trends and needs of your target audience to have that brilliant strategy in brand storytelling.

I highly recommend you utilize the tips and reminders mentioned in this article. Best wishes to your brand storytelling.



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